On Line Demographer Switch Center, или куда бедному демографу поддать.ся ?

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oddly enough:

Charlize Theron has been made a messenger of peace by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon see her in action...

Demographic determinants around Gruzian attack on Russia or breaking the Olympic tradition full story...

Goliusov speaking to Mexico HIV/AIDS meeting full story...

Pronatalist policies (France, Nazi Germany, USSR, Russia) full story...

Best Russian referee (Valentine Ivanov) full story..

Machism-Feminism full story...

Global warming visualisation full story..


Demography is also interested in U ...

Why this page is in English?

I could hardly understand it not to say ex-plain;(

Probably, it will be more difficult for Luda Smeshnova to monitor the content. Albeit this site is definitely not pornographic, some sexually explicit topics are absolutely inevitable. They are to appear in GenderTransiton section. Surely: no graphic or video, text only. The only possible perversion is UTF-8 (extremely rear).

Read more about Luda Smeshnova (in Russian).

Demographic Face

Who is who

Who is this demographer ?

The demographer is Ba-ldei Aga.

Thinking about rational and common sense it is plus correct saying: Ba-ldei Aga is demographer. Nowadays anybody (who wish) may call him/her-self a demographer. Ba-ldei Aga does not belong to this newly established and noisy herd, s/he is pretty well cooked but disculted piece of uncommon personality. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Donec molestie.

Hope, it is enough to introduce myself. Supposing you might wish toknow more -- welcome to contact Ba-ldei Aga.

Please, don't offer me Intim or Her by Life

It is very personal resource, very limited, and very human. No PR here, por favor.

Russian ass i metric version is located here.

Yandex/Narod ads are removable ;)

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